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"Focus on bench marking and beating the competition leads to imitative, not innovative, approaches to the market, often resulting in price pressure and further commoditization.

Instead, companies should strive to make the competition irrelevant by offering buyers a leap in value."

W. Chan Kim - Renee Mauborgne

The team at Blue Ocean Innovative Solutions has over a century of combined retail experience.

Our clients have access to the most effective marketing & merchandising strategies in the industry.

We've forged strong relationships with manufacturers around the world and make them available to you.

Blue Ocean Clients Benefit From:

  • Established Relationships with U.S. Retailers in Mass, Drug & Club
  • Global Relationships from Years of Retail Food Experience
  • Supplier Experience in the Fresh Meat Industry
  • Full Array of Healthcare Consultative Services

OTC, HBA & General Merchandise

What We Do

OTC, HBA & General Merchandise

We have strong manufacturer & retail relationships established in all OTC and HBA categories.

This is enhanced by our relationships with mass, club, chain drug, and food retailers, technology vendors, and national trade associations.

Our extensive market experience can help maximize your sales at retail level.

Small startups and established manufacturers alike benefit from the wealth of knowledge & vast connections that Blue Ocean provides.

Our sales managers will consider your business from all angles, identify growth opportunities, and implement proven strategies to drive sales and maximize your profits.


What We Do


Our manufacturer sales reps & food consultant teams are simply the best in the industry.

We have broad retail food and manufacturer experience (formed at the executive-level), as well as valuable supplier experience in the fresh meat industry.

Combining this knowledge with strategic global relationships we've formed over the years gives our clients an uncommon competitive edge.

Blue Ocean clients have access to world class merchandising strategies, including:

  • Sales representation
  • Analysis and Application of Retailer Data for Item Movement
  • Forecasting
  • Category Management
  • Modular / Plan-o-Gram Planning
  • Shrink Optimization
  • Product Development
  • Logistics
  • Promotional Planning

We have a proven track record of delivering increased sales for our clients.

Much of this success is drawn from our global relationships, consumer insights and retail experience,

We are in current engagements with food product companies to bring their products to the shelves of major retailers. Effective product development, marketing, packaging innovation, environmental sustainability offerings and improved service levels are just a few of the perks available to Blue Ocean clients.

For more information, contact:


Vice-President of Food


Experience & Skill Set

  • 20 years of retail experience working with Walmart, Walmart International and Sam�s Club
  • Strong CPG background with positions in sales, customer marketing, category management and supply chain
  • 7 years Frozen Food experience
  • Strengths in innovation collaboration and strategic planning
  • Proven track record in demonstrating �best in class� category management for product placement, modular planning, promotional planning and pricing strategies
  • Private Label food innovation and product development
  • International food exporting
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Customer marketing program development and execution
  • Store operations and execution

Pharmacy & Healthcare Consulting

What We Do

Pharmacy & Healthcare Consulting

We can help streamline all of your operations and ensure compliance on pharmacy and retail healthcare regulatory issues.

With nearly a century of pharmacy experience, combined with extensive knowledge & a network of international contacts, Blue Ocean consultants will add validity and efficiency to your business.

We offer a full array of consultative healthcare services that support pharmacy retailers, internet pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and mail order pharmacies.

We do this by simplifying the complexity of state and federal healthcare regulations and laws, meeting state requirements, and maintaining compliance on issues such at VIPPS, VAWD, Operations, Record Keeping, Controlled Substance Audits, and others.

Consulting Service Offerings:

  • Pharmacy Operations Improvement
  • Pharmacy Mail Order Review
  • Pharmacy Quality Assurance Programs
  • Generic Contracting Strategy
  • Global Sourcing
  • Pharmacy Security and Drug Diversion Program
  • Pharmacy Compliance Improvement
  • New Product Launch
  • CPG Launches
  • CPG Growth Strategies
  • CPG Innovation
  • Rx to OTC Strategies

Retail Analytics Support

What We Do

Retail Analytics Support

The Blue Ocean analytic team will work hard to drill down to the specific sales, logistics, and supply issues that your business is facing and then provide focused, sales-driven solutions.

With years of experience in retail analysis, we can help you capitalize on all possible avenues of sales opportunities.

Once we have an item on the shelf, the work begins. The single most important ingredient for success in the consumer goods industry is basic in-stock. With our clients, it is our utmost focus.

Our team boasts years of experience In the world of retail replenishment and logistics.

This experience is utilized to work with existing replenishment managers and systems to correct any potential out-of-stock issues before they occur.

We have a proven track record of improving in-stocks and avoiding MABD compliancy fines for our clients. However, the real benefit of this focus is increased sales and continued success for our brands.


What We Do


The Blue Ocean team has established direct relationships with Food, Pharmacy and CPG manufacturers worldwide.

These strategic connections can be a benefit to both retailers and domestic suppliers, resulting in a reduced cost of goods, improved supply chain & increased product innovation.

We can assist with contract manufacturing, helping to introduce your customers to successful products that have been sold in countries outside of the United States.


Improving Our Community's quality of life is very important.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to access vital needs. That can have a profound effect on the individual, their family and friends and, indeed, the wider community.

Education and prevention is the cornerstone of community development, and working together is the only way we will achieve success � for everyone.



Bruce Painter



Experience & Skill Set

  • 22 Years at Walmart Stores, Inc.
  • Procurement of Pharmaceutical & Consumer Products
  • Pricing / Item Maintenance
  • Replenishment
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • State & Federal Compliance
  • Government Affairs
  • Implementing Strategic Positioning for Diabetes Merchandise
  • Establishing Key Relationships with Generic & Branded Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Generic Manufacturing Industry Experience

Awards & Recognition

  • Generated Prescription Sales of Over $12 Billion for Walmart and SAM�S Club Pharmacies
  • Named "Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2006
  • Named "John McGilliard Outstanding Pharmacy Merchant" in 1998
  • Establish the $4 Generic Prescription Program at Walmart




David Badeen



Experience & Skill Set

  • 33 Years at Walmart Stores and Sam's Club
  • Vice President Divisional Merchandise Manager Healthcare, Over the Counter products, Optical, and Hearing centers
  • Procurement of Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products, along with direct import of Optical Frames & Lenses
  • Pricing/Item Maintenance
  • Replenishment
  • Managed Care contracting for pharmacy and optical services
  • Managed Care Billing and Reconciliation
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Establishing Key Relationships with Generic & Branded Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • State & Federal Compliance
  • Generic Manufacturing Industry Experience
  • Repackaging and Bulk Buying of OTC and Pharmaceutical product
  • Oversight of Startup of SAM's Pharmacy business
  • Pharmacy Practice Management Systems experience

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